The Author

Sotirios {Sam} J. Noussias, author of “Man’s Questions – God’s Answers”  is one of three sons born to the late Dimitrios and Panagiota Noussias, Greek immigrants to the United States.

Following a series of events, Sotirios, more commonly known as Sam, was led into an intense study of the Holy Bible.  Not trusting in manmade teaching and doctrines, Sam cried out directly to the LORD Jesus Christ to please reveal Himself.  The following morning, the LORD Jesus Christ revealed His Oneness with God the Father to Sam.

Sam knew that, as Noah was called to warn the world of the coming flood, he was called to share his “God-Given” knowledge about the LORD Jesus Christ with the entire world before this present Age of Grace comes to an end.

Sam’s advantage of growing up in a Greek speaking home enabled him to study the Holy Scriptures in both the English and the Greek text from which the English Bible was translated.

“In this fast-paced world, the book: “Man’s Questions – God’s Answers” offers everyone the opportunity to gain a quick and in-depth understanding of God, His Word, and His Master Plan for all mankind.”  In His Love, Sotirios J. Noussias

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